VERIFY is used to ensure that data written to disk is readable.


To turn VERIFY on or off:

To display the current VERIFY status:


  1. VERIFY is used to ensure that data written to disk by a Dos operation is in a valid form and readable - it does NOT compare the data written to disk with the original (for which you would use the FC command). The most obvious situations when VERIFY would be of use are:
    • if a disk drive is proving unreliable;
    • bad sectors are creeping onto a hard disk;
    • when using nonstandard formatting of floppies.

  2. When VERIFY is on, all disk writing operations are significantly slowed down as data is written and then read-back.

  3. All Dos commands involving disk writing operations (such as COPY, XCOPY) etc. have /V switches that effectively turn VERIFY on while that particular command is running.

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