Copies MS-Dos system files and "" to a disk, thus making it bootable.


SYS [path] drive:
pathThe location of the system files
drive:The drive containing the disk the files are to be copied to


The files copied by the SYS command are:

FileSize (bytes)
Win95 UpgradeWin95 OSR2.5
* msdos.sys is created as the SYS (or FORMAT/S) command is executed.

The SYS command does not work with virtual drives that have been created using SUBST and does not work with network drives.

Exit Codes:

0The command was executed without errors
1An initialization error occurred.
Such an error would generally be caused by insufficient memory or disk space, or invalid drive name or syntax).

File Details

File NameDefault LocationDos Ver.Win Ver.SizeDateSource
Sys.comc:\windows\command 7.0Win95 13 239111/07/
7.1Win95 (OSR2.x) 13 239124/08/
Win98 18 967211/05/
Win98 SE 18 967223/04/

Superscripts denote which same size files, if any, are identical (using FC).

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