Specifies a number of special options for starting and running MS-Dos.
The SWITCHES command can only be invoked from Config.sys.


SWITCHES= /F /K /N /E[:n]
/FSkips the two-second delay after displaying the "Starting MS-DOS . . ." message during startup.
/KForces an enhanced keyboard to behave like a conventional keyboard. If Ansi.sys is installed, its K switch should also be used.
/NDisables the F5 and F8 keys used to bypass commands in Config.sys and Autoexec.bat. It does not disable the Ctrl-F5 and Ctrl-F8 keys which bypass loading Drvspace.bin; to disable these keys, see DRVSPACE.
/ESuppresses the automatic relocation of EBIOS from conventional to upper memory during the startup process by Io.sys.
/E:nForces Io.sys to relocate n bytes of EBIOS to conventional memory during the startup process. n can be from 48 to 1024 and is rounded up to the next multiple of 16.


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