Enables the loading of the real-mode DrvSpace driver (DrvSpace.bin) into upper memory blocks.

As far as I can see, in every respect except name, DblSpace and DrvSpace are the same. For brevity, I will use DrvSpace to represent both DrvSpace and DblSpace. If you have DblSpace installed with your version of Win95, substitute accordingly.


The DrvSpace.sys device driver can only be loaded using the Device/DeviceHigh statement in Config.sys.

Device=[Path]DrvSpace.sys /Move [/NoHMA] [/Low]

DeviceHigh=[Path]DrvSpace.sys /Move [/NoHMA] [/Low]

Path The full path. Default is the root directory of the start-up drive (usually C:/)
/Move Moves DrvSpace.bin to its final location.
/NoHMA Prevents DrvSpace.sys from moving DrvSpace.bin into the high memory area (HMA).
/Low Prevents DrvSpace.sys from loading at the top of conventional memory.
The only occasion on which this switch would be required is if some Dos program cannot work with DrvSpace located at the top of conventional memory.


  1. DblSpace and DrvSpace are essentially two names for one program. Which name is used depends on the version of Win95. Dblspace is used in the earlier versions and DrvSpace for the later ones.

  2. When the computer starts, Dos loads DrvSpace.bin along with various other operating system functions before processing Config.sys and Autoexec.bat. All such files have to be loaded in conventional memory because the device drivers required to manage upper memory have yet to be loaded. When upper memory management is established, some device drivers (such as Ifshlp.sys and Setver.exe) are automatically moved to upper memory. DrvSpace.bin requires the auxiliary device driver DrvSpace.sys to be loaded before DrvSpace.bin can be moved.

  3. When DrvSpace is used to create a compressed drive, a DrvSpace.sys line is automatically added to Config.sys.


On my system, the amount of free conventional memory rose from 507 Kb to 624 Kb by adding the following line to Config.sys:
DeviceHigh=c:\windows\command\drvspace.sys /move

File Details

File NameDefault LocationDos Ver.Win Ver.SizeDateSource
Drvspace.sysc:\windows\command7.0Win9515 83111/07/95precopy1.cab
7.1Win95 (OSR2.x)2 135124/08/96precopy1.cab
Win982 135111/05/98precopy2.cab
Win98 SE2 135123/04/99precopy2.cab
Drvspace.binc:\windows\command7.0Win9571 28711/07/95precopy1.cab
7.1Win95 (OSR2.x)65 27124/08/96precopy1.cab
Win9868 870211/05/98precopy1.cab
Win98 SE68 871223/04/99base4.cab
Drvspace.exec:\windows7.0Win95336 73611/07/95win95_08.cab
7.1Win95 (OSR2.x)395 28024/08/96win95_13.cab
Win98404 880311/05/98win98_40.cab
Win98 SE404 880323/04/99win98_45.cab

Superscripts denote which same size files, if any, are identical (using FC).

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