Enables the display of international character sets.


The Display.sys device driver must be loaded in Config.sys using either a Device or DeviceHigh statement in one of the following formats:

Device/DeviceHigh = [Path]Display.sys CON=(type)

Device/DeviceHigh = [Path]Display.sys CON=(type,hwcp)

Device/DeviceHigh = [Path]Display.sys CON=(type,hwcp,n)

Device/DeviceHigh = [Path]Display.sys CON=(type,hwcp,(n,m))

Path The full path. Default is the root directory of the start-up drive (usually C:/)
type Specifies the display adapter in use (see table below). If type is omitted, DISPLAY.SYS checks the hardware to determine which display adapter is in use.
hwcp Specifies the number of the Code Page (character set) hard coded in the display adaptor. If this parameter is included, it is always possible to switch back to it whichever Code Page is specified using the MODE and CHCP commands

Character sets and associated languages
United States English437Multilingual (Latin 1)850
Canadian French865Slavic (Latin 2)852

n Specifies the number of character sets the hardware can support in addition to the primary character set specified for the hwcp parameter.
m Specifies the number of subfonts the hardware supports for each code page.
Valid values of type, m and n
Display Adaptortypenm
EGA, VGA, or SVGAEGA0 to 62
LCDLCD0 or 11


  1. As far as I can see, the only value of type that is of relevance to Dos 7 users is EGA (which includes SVGA). Even though laptops use LCD displays, I suspect that these are not quite what the original designers of Display.sys had in mind and that EGA would be the appropriate for these machines too.

File Details

File NameDefault LocationDos Ver.Win Ver.SizeDateSource
Display.sysc:\windows\command 7.0Win95 17 175111/07/95win95_09.cab
7.1Win95 (OSR2.x) 17 175224/08/96win95_14.cab
Win98 17 175211/05/98win98_46.cab
Win98 SE 17 175223/04/99win98_52.cab

Superscripts denote which same size files, if any, are identical (using FC).

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