A simple full-screen Dos-based ASCII text editor.


EDIT [/B] [/H] [/R] [/S] [/nnn] [file(s)]

/BForces monochrome mode.
/HDisplays the maximum number of lines possible for your hardware.
/RLoad file(s) in read-only mode.
/SForces the use of short filenames.
nnnLoad binary file(s), wrapping lines to nnn characters wide.
fileSpecifies initial files(s) to load. Wildcards and multiple filespecs can be used.


A list of shortcut keys can be displayed from the "Help" menu.

File Details

File NameDefault LocationDos Ver.Win Ver.SizeDateSource
Edit.comc:\windows\command 7.0Win95 69 886111/07/95win95_02.cab
7.1Win95 (OSR2.x) 69 886124/08/96win95_02.cab
Win98 69 902211/05/98win98_28.cab
Win98 SE 69 902223/04/99win98_25.cab

Superscripts denote which same size files, if any, are identical (using FC).

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August 27, 2000.