To download a zipped single file containing all the Dos7 pages, click on the logo to the right.

I will do my best to keep this file reasonably up to date, but the latest version will always be the one on the Web.

The files are in HTML format which seems to work for most people. If you wish to strip the tags and reformat for your own purposes, feel free! I do recognise that, as they stand, these pages do not print very well - especially the white-on-black "screen shots". In due course, I hope to be able to include a printable version for download.

Finally, note that this compilation simply comprises all files in my "dos7" directory and may include the odd extraneous page that is yet to be completed/discarded.

Almost forgot the bit about: use at your own risk, check for viruses etc., and generally handle as you would any other downloaded file from an unfamiliar source.


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July 23, 2000.