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Introduction to what these pages are all about.

The Commands:

Accdate Attrib Break Buffers Call CD/ChDir CHCP ChkDsk
Choice Cls Command Copy Country CTTY Date Del
DelTree Device Dir DiskCopy Dos DrivParm Echo Erase
Exit FC FCBS Files Find For Format GoTo
If Install Label LastDrive LfnFor Lock MD / MkDir Mem
Mode More Move Mscdex Nlsfunc NumLock Path Pause
Prompt RD / RmDir Rem / ; Ren Set SetVer Share Shell
Shift Sort Stacks Start Subst Switches Sys Time
Truename Type Unlock Ver Verify Vol Xcopy `

The Utilities

Debug DosKey DrvSpace Edit Extract Fdisk Scandisk SmartDrv

The Device Drivers

Ansi.sys Display.sys DblBuff.sys DblSpace.sys DrvSpace.sys
Emm386.exe Himem.sys RamDrive.sys Setver.exe `


File Specification Shortcuts
( . .. ... \ )
( * ? )
( > >> < | )

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